Norwegian Formula Nourishing Body Lotion with Nordic Berry

We've had rather more of our bodies on display than we might have expected in April, due to the lovely weather. And this has really helped ensure they're show-offable.

A fantastically affordable 'steal' of a product, it's within the Norwegian Formula range, renowned for its powers of skin nourishment. This is no exception: a light and really swiftly-absorbed light cream with - yes - a hint of berry, in the scent. (We're enjoying the light fruitiness.) The scent comes from a 'Scandinavian superfruit', as Neutrogena call it, which is packed full of vitamin C.

And at £4.49 for a whacking great pump-action tube, you can afford to slather super-generously top to toe before you peel off and make the most of the (yay!) predicted Easter sunshine.

Of course, it doesn't offer any sun protection (you'll need to add that on top) but at least your skin will look smooth, nourished, and not at all like the truth, which is that it's been lurking under opaques, vests and jumpers for the past six months.

UK readers find Norwegian Formula Nourishing Body Lotion with Nordic Berry at£4.99  for 400 ml - buy here