Nivea Stress Protect Stick

Fight-or-flight.  It's part of my life, but it isn't always pretty - in terms of the blast of sweat that accompanies it. And we were a bit cynical when this new deodorant landed on our desks, during A Very Stressful Week.  (No access to e-mails for four days.  How stressful is that, for a web team...?)

In the accompanying document, Nivea revealed that the sweat triggered by, say, sports, and the adrenaline-and-cortisol-fuelled sweat that's linked with stress are very different.  That certainly echoes our own experience on the B.O. front.

But could this deodorant - which features a zinc complex and 'Stress Protect Actives' (beautyspeak alert!) live up to its promise to protect against stress-sweat for 48 hours?

Our guinea pig went without bathing to put it through its paces.

The verdict?  It does what it says on the swivel-up tube:  she stayed entirely dry and fragrant.

No sweat...

(NB  We tested the stick but there a's a spray and a roll-on, if you prefer.)

UK readers find Nivea Stress Protect Stick at£2.49 - buy here