Nivea Rescue & Care SOS Body Lotion

So many many presents, so little cash... And you just ran out of body lotion, to boot.

Sounds like you?  Then you're really going to want to know about this brilliant body innovation from Nivea (who can argue with a 'beauty steal' at just £3.56 for a chunky bottle?)

Innovatively, it's the first product we've seen to offer 48-hour moisturisation.  (24 hours has been the tops, till now.)  Most of us, of course, would bathe and re-moisturise at some point in that timeframe, but certainly the mega-moisturising effect is impressive.

Nivea's not-so-secret ingredient is something they've called 'Hydra IQ', which maintains optimum hydration through keeping aquaporins (think of them as the body's own aquaucts) topped up and flowing nicely.  And for good measure, there's provitamin B5, a proven skin conditioner.

Perfectly pleasant smell, too:  mandarin and bergamot, sandalwood, musk and vanilla (but not in the least overpowering, BTW).

And no need to skimp, when applying, at this pocket-money price.

UK readers find Nivea Rescue & Care SOS Body Lotion at£3.56 for 250 ml - buy here