Nivea Express Hydration Primer

OUR FAVOURITE NEW BUDGET MOISTURISER We're declaring this National Moisturiser Week at Beauty Bible.

Why?  Because this is the week, in our years of experience, when skin really starts to show the effects of central heating.  (The sodden ground may be doing a bit to keep the air moist, but nonetheless, most complexions need s a darned good drink right now).

So we really like this truly affordable mega-moisturiser option from good old Nivea - in our particular case, the option for Dry/Sensitive skins (it's the Normal/Combination option that's pictured here).

Sensationally skin-quenching, there's a very light fragrance, but nothing overwhelming (some Nivea products really do have a strong 'Nivea' scent, which can be a tad divisive...)

It's got a gorgeous, gel-like, almost wobbly texture, but sinks right in and leaves skin - as the name suggests - perfectly 'primed' for make-up.  No need to wait the traditional 10 minutes before putting on your foundation, so it's a boon for time-poor women like us.

A total 'steal', we say - and if the Christmas splurge has left the bank account bare, you'll definitely want to check this out.

UK readers find Nivea Express Hydration Primer at£4.49 for 50 ml - buy here