Nivea Daily Essentials Sensitive

Nivea is a go-to brand for millions (oh, probably gazillions) of women, worldwide.  But we know from feedback: touch-skinned women haven’t always got on so famously with the range. If that includes you, have another look:  the five-product Nivea Daily Essentials Sensitive just launched (currently exclusive to Tesco). It features specific, skin-soothing ingredients including liquorice extract, and is free from perfume (that’s often the Nivea trouble-trigger, readers have told us), as well as parabens and colourants. The range also includes grapeseed oil and protective B5, which help ease the symptoms of redness and dryness that often goes hand-in-hand (cheek-in-cheek?) with sensitivity.

Our favourite?  As in so many ranges currently, it’s the almost miraculous, make-up-dissolving micellar water.  Just genius.

But at these prices, it’s a low-risk way to give the lot a go. (Although our advice for sensitive-skinned women remains the same:  only introduce one new product every couple of weeks, to allow skin to get used it it.  A complete overnight switch is just a recipe for complexion trouble, with any range…)

UK readers find Nivea Daily Essentials Sensitive at £3.99 for Nivea Sensitive 3 in 1 Micellar Cleansing Water (200 ml) to £4.99 for the Nivea Sensitive Night Cream and Day Cream (50 ml) - buy here