NEOM Scent to Make You Feel Good On The Go Essentials

Is it a little early to be thinking stocking fillers? As we ricochet from PR event to PR event celebrating 'Christmas in July'*, possibly not - and these will definitely be on our shopping list. Meanwhile, we're enjoying these ourselves: wonderfully portable, highly-effective blends of essential oils to soothe, de-stress and nudge you sleepwards.

Choose from Scent to Boost Your Energy - great for a gym bag, NEOM recommend, with an Energy Boosting On The Go Mist and rollerball Intensive Energy Boosting Treatment.

There's Scent to Make You Happy (again, a mist and a rollerball, with its blend of eight essential oils including uplifting wild mint and mandarin).

The two we're particularly loving are

Scent to Sleep Tranquility - three options, including Perfect Night's Sleep Pillow MistIntensive Deep Sleep Treatment rollerball, and Perfect Night's Sleep Bath and Shower Oil. It really is a divine sleep-inducing blend, including English lavender, jasmine and sweet basil - and you can turbo-charge its effects, of course, by using all three.

Scent to Instantly De-stress is our other fave, with its calming blend of jasmine, lavender and Brazilian rosewood - and again, available as mist, rollerball and oil.

No handbag or spongebag should be without them.

* It's never too early to start on the mince pies - and we are living proof.

UK readers find NEOM Scent to Make You Feel Good on The Go Essentials at£20