NEOM Real Luxury Intensive Treatment Candle

Feeling stressed? Yes, well, which of us doesn’t, at least at some point every darned day? According to NEOM, who commissioned a Lifestyle Stress Audit to coincide with the launch of their new massage candle, 91% of those of us who work are stressed – and 86% of non-working women, which results in feeling tired, unhappy or unable to sleep.

Beyond that, it’s a genuine wellbeing concern: the World Health Organisation estimates that by 2020, the top four diseases will be stress-related. (Jo wrote an entire piece for Telegraph Online about this Audit, which you can read here.)

To help us, then, NEOM have launched ‘massage candles’. First, light the wickand fill your room with its glorious scent. Extinguish, then pour the ‘wax’ onto skin, to nourish and perfume it with a blend of cocoa butter, soybean oil and almond oil, scented with 100% natural NEOM Real Luxury fragrances.

In gorgeous, gold-drizzled packaging, choose from Real Luxury (with oils of lavender, Brazilian rosewood and jasmine) or Tranquility (English lavender, sweet basil and jasmine).

A massage candle isn’t going to transform your life in itself – but it can provide an oasis of calm, on a frenzied day, and make life feel it’s worth living again. And these interludes of ‘me-time’ are also valuable, we find, for allowing us to look at our crazy-busy lives and start to figure out what changes we can make, so that life becomes a little bit less stressful, in future…

UK readers find Neom Real Luxury Intensive Treatment Candle at£36