Naturya Organic Superfood Blends

Got your NutriBullet yet? If not, put it on your wishlist: just the best, least messy way to whizz up healthy smoothies and soups, with no laborious bottle-brushing of parts (as required of juicer-owners). NutriBullet drinks have replaced breakfast for us: a great way. It’s so easy to blend veggies, ginger, fruit – frozen and fresh – maybe a dollop of yoghurt, some soya milk and a handful of seeds… Oh, there are literally billions of options so that no two breakfasts ever need to be the same. (Except our tip is to make double the quantity and keep the remainder in the fridge till breakfast-time tomorrow.)

What we also always do, though, is ‘customise’ our blends with superfood powders – and Naturya’s are a favourite. They ramp up the vitamin and mineral content, for an extra burst of goodness. Naturya is a favourite brand of ours with an existing wide range of flavours (we first encountered them in Wholefoods), now joined by this trio.

Naturya Organic Choc blends cocoa paste, lucuma powder, powdered chocolate, maca and vanilla powders (and is rich in fibre, potassium, magnesium and iron); it goes especially well with banana and peanut butter. (Think: a healthier alternative to a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup.)

Naturya Organic Greens is a classic, packed with wheatgrass (more palateable than the fresh stuff!), barleygrass, spirulina, chlorella and freeze-dried pineapple, for a blitz of vitamins C, E and B12, zinc and iron.

Great with veg (we do find that if added to fruits, it can turn the whole mix a slightly offputting shade of battleship grey…!)

Naturya Organic Fruit is the brilliant complement to your own fresh ‘fruit salad’ – right now maybe melon, apple, plums and more. With its banana, goji berry, hemp protein, pineapple and acai powders, it’s brimming with vitamin C, fibre, potassium, manganese, magnesium and is a source of protein.

A Nutribullet smoothie keeps us hunger-free till (late) lunchtime – and is just so easy and fun. There are few gadgets (outside a mobile phone) that are life-changing, but the Nutribullet is one. And these are just add to the mix…

UK readers find Naturya Blends Powders, priced £15.99-17.99 for 250 g at