NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation

We've tried 'long-last' foundation formulas before, and been underwhelmed: they can leave your face feeling like your skin's about three sizes too small, or alternatively appear flat and dry.

But NARS has cracked it with this absolutely brilliant innovation. Feeling slightly cynical in a jaded-beauty-ed sort of way, we followed instructions to smooth a few drops into skin. A little goes an incredibly long way (as promised): a drop or two is genuinely all it takes to create an even skintone.

(If you want the technical bit, it features something called 'Even Tone Technology', to neutralise redness and discolouration.)

You can't feel it, once it's there, while the finish is - well, skin-like is actually the best way to put it: not too shiny, not at all flat.

Three cheers, too, for the fact that this sexily-packaged foundation (Fabien Baron-designed, no less) comes in a stellar 20 shades, from ultra-pale Siberia to rich, deep Khartoum.

Nice one, François.

UK readers find NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation at£33 for 30 ml