Molton Brown Orange & Bergamot Hand Collection

Name change alert! For whatever, inexplicable reason, Molton Brown has changed the name of one of our favourite body treats. The celebrated Naran Ji - which has always made our heart skip a little beat (sad but true) when we encounter it in a posh loo - has now been renamed Orange & Bergamot, just in time for its 30th birthday.

Happily, happily, happily, the scent's the same. And whlle we'll rather miss the completely incomprehensible name (which we've a hunch was probably dissed by a focus group somewhere along the line), we're as rapturous as ever about the scent. It takes orange blossoms hand-gathered in April, from Seville, which are then water-distilled to offer up their delicate scent. (Steam's too harsh for them, apparently.) On arrival in London, they're blended with bergamot - and the result's just ravishing.

We are sad people who come out of Naran Ji-accessorised - sorry, Orange & Bergamot-accessorised - loos, sniffing our hands. Now you can be, too.

UK readers find Molton Brown Orange & Bergamot Hand Collection at£25 (includes 100 ml Hand Wash and Enriching Hand Lotion, and a 40 ml Replenishing Hand Cream) - buy here