Mitchell & Peach English Leaf Collection

Has there ever been a greener spring? (Due to the rain, of course, but isn't it a wonderful chlorphyll rush, nonetheless...?) It's a fleeting moment in the calendar - but the new scented collection from Mitchell & Peach captures it all perfectly, we think, for year-round enjoyment. It's inspired by the lush surroundings of Foxbury Farm in Kent, which is 'home' to Mitchell & Peach, hand-blended in England with 10 natural extracts including tomato leaf, coriander, basil, mint, tomato leaves, citrus (mandarin, lemon and lime), mint - and the lavender essential oil from the Mitchell estate, near Sevenoaks (which happens to be visible from the train Jo takes home!)

Available as an Eau de Toilette as well as gloriously-textured Luxury Hand Cream, Body Cream and Bath Oil, you'll also enjoy touches of tart blackcurrant, apple blossom, underpinned by cedarwood, creating a wonderfully green classical fragrance 'with an English twist', according to perfumer Jeanne-Marie Faugier.

All mown meadows, verdant hedgerows and quintessential English countryside gorgeousness... Bottled.

UK readers find English Leaf at £17 for English Leaf Luxury Hand Cream to £55 for 50 ml English Leaf Eau de Toilette