Miss Patisserie Macaroon Gift Tin

These are the macaroons with less fattening centres. In fact, non-fattening centres:  they're bath fizzes (from an innovative bathcare range), which slowly dissolve to release pretty fragrances, infusing the water with skin-softening cocoa butter.

The scents include sweet pomegranate, spearmint & eucalyptus, French lavender, peach, coconut & citrus, garden flowers, rose, cucumber and - ooh, la la! - champagne.  Something for every mood, and every age.  (We're fond of the champagne and the cucumber fragrances;  the teenagers who were staying for half-term fell for the fruity scents.  'Twas ever thus.)

The pretty tin is too nice to throw away, meanwhile.

And you'll adore the website, too, with the hanging baskets and the tail-wagging pug.

Who's going to be tragically disappointed when he tries to chomp into one of these.

UK readers find Miss Patisserie Macaroon Gift Tin at www.miss-patisserie.com/£15.50 - buy here