Miss Dior Eau de Toilette and Hair Mist

One of the very, very best ways to get a fragrance to last is to scent your hair. (The late, great Estée Lauder always counselled spritzing a cloud of scent into the air, then walking through it.) What's more, unlike on the skin, the scent stays 'truer' to the creation, because the natural oils and pH balance of the skin don't alter it.

There's actually quite a trend for hair perfumes, but this is one of our favourites yet: Christian Dior's glorious Chypre, Miss Dior, recreated by perfumer François Demachy as scent for your barnet. (It also features active, hair-friendly ingredients and offers some degree of UV protection.)

Rather floriferously, Dior put it: 'Its facets mingle into a joyous dance that reveals no beginning nor end, for Miss Dior shatters certitude, forsaking conventions, taking flight and leaving you with unanswered questions.'

In Beauty Bible-speak, that translates as: 'It smells sublime. Get to a Dior counter, spritz your hair - and explore it for yourself.'

UK readers find Miss Dior Eau de Toilette and Hair Mist at www.johnlewis.com/£57.50 for 50 ml and £34 for 30 ml