Milla Maddern Vitality Bodycream

We love stumbling across a completely new-to-us, natural, fly-the-flag British range. Especially when it comes with an inspiring story attached.  Speech and language therapist Jane Maddern began by making handmade soap, back in 1995 - the proper cold-pressed stuff.  Initially, it was just for friends, who told their friends - and by word of mouth, before she knew it, Jane had quit her job to turn her passion into a business.

Over the years, she experimented with different ingredients, finding that goat's milk was the most skin-friendly.  Manuka honey, too, hast become a signature - and since the soap days, Jane's developed her range to include hand washes, body products, hand creams and more, all with really lovely, aromatherapy-based fragrances.

Our particular favourite is this rev-you-up body cream, featuring oils of bergamot, jasmine and juniper.  But it also comes in Sensuality, Tranquility and Harmony.  (Our other Milla Maddern must-have is the Harmony Hand Cream, actually, with a balancing blend of frankincense, sandalwood and neroli.)

Everything's still made in the Mendip Hills in Somerset, where Jane and her business partner Camilla work together with local craftspeople, who hand-wrap every bar of soap, as well as creating wooden display stands for shops.

Nicest British beauty story we've heard in a while.

Baaaaaaa none.

UK readers find Milla Maddern Vitality Bodycream at£16 for 250 ml - buy here