MICRO Pedi Mini

We've raved, raved, raved about the MICRO Pedi before - a foot-buffing gadget so efficient, it virtually threatens to put medical pedicurists out of business, if all you're going for is a blitz of your hard skin. But we're thrilled by this new portable 'mini' version - not teeny-tiny, but definitely light and small enough for a travel sponge-bag. (We certainly won't be leaving home without it, not least because when we're in foreign cities, we walk everywhere - and hard skin builds up surprisingly fast.) The mineral rollers - which whirr into action at the touch of a button - are just brilliant for removing built-up skin (they're just the same as on the larger version, as it happens).

This might not seem the sexiest of presses, but since happy feet make a happy woman, we think it'd make for quite a Happy Christmas, actually - and speaking personally, we'll definitely be using it before slipping our feet into party sandals, this festive season...

UK readers find MICRO Pedi Mini/£29.95 at www.amazon.co.uk- buy here