We are obsessed with hard skin on our feet. OBSESSED, we tell you!  So this little gizmo - which looks like a man's razor, but isn't - is our New Best Friend.

Simply press the button, and a the roller at the top starts rotating.  Hold it against areas of hard skin and it literally sandpapers them to smoothness.  It is that easy.  It's incredibly easy to access the whole foot (the rubbery grippy bits on the side of the handle really help with that).  Just takes a bit of practise to get the pressure right:  too hard, and it stops rotating - because you're doing it too hard.  Lighten up a bit, and whizz, whizz!  Hard skin and calluses are history.

It's so effective, you really only need to use it once a week.  (Resist the tempation, seductive as it is, to use this every night - or you may not have any foot left!  Only joking, but it's truly, truly effective.)  We're using it between medi-pedicures (our monthly Margaret Dabbs indulgence), and our feet are now baby-soft, 24/7.  This is a real investment in foot comfort.

And it would transform even the most rhino-esque hooves, we think...

UK readers find MICRO Pedi at www.boots.com/£39.99 - buy here