Michael Kors Into The Glow Bronze Gel Creme

Regular readers will know just how much we love a gel-cream. (Or 'creme', as Mr. Kors is calling this.) They melt into skin, instantly hydrating - and don't leave it greasy, which is ideal for this time of year. We like 'em for bodies. We like 'em for faces. And in this case, we like 'em for make-up.

Now that the sun's out, you can smooth this in all-over for an instant, ever-so-slightly shimmering (but not sparkly) glow - good for face, neck, décolletage (and especially for evening out skin that's got a few white marks.) You can use it under foundation as a 'luminiser', or over it for touches of sun. (Though we wouldn't recommend replacing your moisturiser with this, not least because it doesn't contain an SPF - essential at this time of year.)

Comes in two colours: 01 Permanent Vacation (our choice - a lovely rose-gold), and 02 Sun Chaser, for more tanned complexions. (We wouldn't advise using it to create a deeper tanned look, merely to enhance what you've got.)

NB It's currently showing as 'Out of stock. Available to reserve' on the Escentual website - which tells you pretty much all you need to know about how fab this is. We say: reserve yours NOW.

UK readers find Michael Kors Into The Glow Bronze Gel Creme at www.escentual.com/£25 for 50 ml