Melvita Gentle Conditioner

Jo discovered this when working her way through a large trunkful of product to judge the Natural Health Beauty Awards, recently - and fell rather in love. (It was Highly Commended, BTW.) People often think it's shampoo that's making their head itch - when in fact, it may be the conditioner, not least because it's left on the scalp for longer before rinsing. This is as gentle as the name implies, but actually very, very effective - a blend of safflower oil and shea butter, which does not weigh hair down in the least.

In fact, it leaves hair shiny, swingy - and is organically-certified by Ecocert. And for anyone who longs for naturally beautiful hair (in every way), this could well be your new BFF. (That's short for Best Follicle Friend).

UK readers find Melvita Gentle Conditioner at£10.50 for 150 ml