Melvita Floral Waters

We've written about these before.  (They were called 'Extraordinary Waters', but that name seems to have been dropped.) Models and make-up artists love them.  And even though we're not generally fans of toners, so do we.  (Especially the Orange Blossom Floral Water, which smells like heaven - or rather, how we hope heaven smells.)

But we're mentioning them again because French organic brand Melvita has succeeded in repackaging these toners in 100% 'post-consumer waste' recycled (as well as 100% recyclable) bottles, made entirely from bottles recycled by their own customers.  Of course, that makes for savings on petroleum, energy - and a reduced impact on the planet.  (For instance, the old glass bottles weighed 210 g each.  These new bottles weigh just 16 g, so that's a vast improvement.)

Wish every company was making strides in this direction.  When it comes to beauty packaging, less really is more.

UK readers find Melvita Floral Waters at £14.40-16 - buy here

NB  Though the toners are available in the US, the new packaging hasn't flowed through to the States yet.  Sorry, US readers.