Melvita Extraordinary Waters

We're famously not big on toners - but these 'Extraordinary Waters' from lovely French organic brands Melvita offer something a bit different. Yes, they're used like toners:  swipe over a cleansed face with a cotton pad.  But because they're infused with glycerine and other humectant (i.e. water-attracting) ingredients (including hyaluronic acid, which we're crazy for), Extraordinary Waters should be viewed as the first step in moisturisation, rather than the final step in cleansing.  Moisturisers do seem to glide on better afterwards, and skin stays dewier, we've found.  (That's why they're sub-titled 'moisturizing care'.  Yes, with a 'z'.)

Word has it that these are often used backstage on shoots and at catwalk shows to create a smooth, make-up receptive complexion, and we're liking what they do for a complexion exposed to rather more dry, centrally-heated air than we'd like, of late.

And did we say they smell heavenly...?  There's a rose option, but the Melvita Orange Blossom Extraordinary Water is a pure breath of spring.

Uh-oh.  Might just inadvertantly have added an extra step to our beauty regimes.  Which at this stage in life is pretty - well, extraordinary.

UK readers find Melvita Orange Blossom Extraordinary Water at£14 for 100 ml - buy here

US readers find it at$25 - buy here