Maybelline Baby Lips

The lip balm that's taken America by storm has finally arrived here.  So comfortable, so lip-softening, with a touch of aloe, honey and shea butter (plus moisturising and lip-plumping centella Asiatica), the idea is that Baby Lips makes lips feel as soft as baby's skin.  And it truly does.  There are two 'types' of Baby Lips:  the clear SPF20 versions (great for right now), and the hint-of-a-tint versions - think soft pink, a sheer red, or a 'nude flush' that gives a very Bardot-esque pout.  Most beauty editors we know have the complete collection, after bringing them home in their suitcases from the US for over a year...!  People sometimes talk about 'lip balm addiction' - and in the case of Baby Lips, it's exactly that...! • Maybelline Baby Lips/£2.99 at - buy here