Mandara Spa Beauty Butter Collection

Mandara Spa is one of our favourite 'high street' brands to hit the shelves in the past few years, inspired by the Mandara Spas around the globe (the original was in Bali) - and from the same people that brought you Elemis, NB. Our central heating-parched bodies are drinking in this waft-you-to-paradise-scented collection, which comes in two formats: Body Butter and Body Butter Light (in a squeezy tube), all incorporating 'buzz' ingredient coconut oil. The former comes in four scents - we're crazy for both the Ylang Ylang & Coconut and the Lime & Coconut Body Butters - while for travel, we're packing Shea & Coconut Body Butter Light. And a fiver? We slightly feel like we've landed with our bums in the body butter, there.  

UK readers find Mandara Spa Beauty Butter Collection at£5 for 200 ml Body Butter or 200 ml Body Butter Light - buy here