Mama Mio Gravida candle

Oh, this candle brings back memories. Amy stumbled upon it at a Mama Mio open day.  But originally, Gravida was a fragrance created by perfumer Lyn Harris for her aromatherapeutic range, in the 90s.  Lyn was business partner with one of the Mama Mio team, who then kept this Gravida (for pregnant women) scent going, under her new Mama Mio brand.

It's just bliss.  Ideal not just for pregnant women or new mothers but any of us with 'stress issues'.  There are 10 essential oils in the blend, but there's a gorgeous tangerine-y fragrance overall - deeply nostalgic for us.

And it's Beauty Bible pink.  What more could we ask for, in a candle...?

UK readers find Mama Mio Gravida Candle at£18.50 - buy here