MAD Beauty Christmas Duck Lip Gloss

You’re allowed a little silliness at Christmas – and this is ours. MAD Beauty’s Lip Balms and glosses may not be our everyday choice (we’ve our own all-natural Beauty Bible Lip Balm in every pocket) – but they nevertheless always bring a smile to our lips. (Read why Beauty Bible Loves Japanese Doll Lip Balms, here.)

And we can’t think of a teenager (or tweenager) who wouldn’t rather find one of these scented 'Santa Duck' Lip Balms than a clementine at the toe of their stocking.

A quacking little extra for Christmas morning, we’d suggest...

UK readers find MAD Beauty Christmas Duck Scented Lip Gloss at£4.85 - buy here - and MAD Beauty Christmas Snowman Lip Gloss/£4.85 at www.ukchristmaspresents.combuy here