Macaroon pillboxes

If you've made a promise for 2013 to be more diligent about taking your vitamins daily, you might want to consider carrying them around in one of these utterly edible porcelain pillboxes. We stumbled upon them just before Christmas (at that wonderful showcase for independent makers,, and promptly snapped them up for girlfriends - who were universally delighted with their gifts.

In truth, they won't fit many vitamins in - but if you're taking a multivitamin and some fish oils, and maybe one or two others, there can be no prettier way to carry them round.  If you were feeling self-indulgent, they're relatively inexpensive enough to buy a few, so you can prepare a few days' doses in advance.

Alternatively, use for stamps or trinkets - but whatever purpose you put them to, they'll put a smile on your face every time you snap one of these pastel-coloured macarons open.

And unlike Ladurée's, they are not in the least calorific.

UK readers find them at£7.99 - buy here US readers find them at$13.99 - buy here