Lyn Harris for Marks & Spencer

Lovely, home-grown Lyn Harris is one of our most talented perfumers. We're huge fans of Miller Harris Un Aire de Rien, Citron Citron (one of the best reasons to visit Firmdale Hotels, where they savvily have the hand wash and cream in the loos), La Fumée... (You can read Jo's rave about that particular fragrance, here.) But Lyn's fragrances, with their high-quality ingredients, have until now always been priced at the 'splurge' level. Birthdays, anniversaries, special treats etc.

Not surprisingly, then, her By Lyn Harris Perfumer London fragrances have skyrocketed to the top of the sales charts at M&S Your Beauty, the new beauty 'concept' department currently rolling out across the UK at lightning speed. There's Le Cologne: a classic citrus (and unisex, with it). La Fleur, pulsing with white gardenia and Indian tuberose, shimmering above soft woods. Le Noir: deep, dark and smokily, with its amber and patchouli base. La Rose is - as the name suggests - a perfect rose concoction, while Le Sauvage is the one you'll be buying for his side of the bathroom shelf (then nicking): zesty with orange and grapefruit, with an aromatic heart underpinned by classic vetiver/oakmoss/tobacco.

But our absolute favourite - as a couple of Shalimar-lovers from way back - is La Poudrée, a fabulous Oriental with nuances of peach and raspberry among a wafting cloud or iris, orange flower, rose, vanilla and musk.  It's utterly divine (and has elicited lots of 'ooh, what are you wearing?' comments which is always the best sign.

And what's that other ingredient we're trying to get our nostrils round...?

That'll be the sweet smell of success, that will.

UK readers find Lyn Harris Fragrances at selected Marks & Spencer stores (those with Your Beauty department) and£25 for 50 ml Eau de Parfum - buy here