Lush Rose Jam Shower Gel

This is probably our favourite-est ever Lush product - and we're not alone:  it's back in the Christmas collection 'by popular demand'. Smells just yumptious:  a floral-fruity blend of Turkish rose absolute and geranium oil, hints of cypress, lemon and vanilla (but not enough to tip it over into candy-land).

Skin-softening, too:  argan oil and antioxidant goji berry juice both feature.  (If you don't have a shower, use it on a sponge as a silkifying body wash.)

So popular is Rose Jam Shower Gel that it now comes in a giant-sized half-litre bottle (in addition to the smaller sizes).  Anyone lucky enough to get one of those for Christmas really is jammy - or on the other hand, maybe you'll want to buy the ginormous size for yourself, insurance in case Lush take it away again till next Crimbo...

UK readers find Lush Rose Jam Shower Gel/from £4.65 for 100 g to £15.95 for 500 g - buy here