Lush 12 Days of Christmas

There are two brands which have the younger women in our families hyperventilating at the mere mention of the name. One is Benefit - and the other is Lush. Girls seem absolutely hard-wired to love this brand, in all its fruitily fragrant glory. So boy, are we going to get some Brownie points on Christmas Day, with this sort of 'variation on an advent calendar' - presumably designed to be opened in the 12 days running up to Christmas, but in our case set to amuse the giftee for the rest of the school holidays.

It features 12 of Lush's most popular products - from Dashing Santa Bath Bomb to Honey I Washed the Kids soap, Golden Wonder Bath Bomb to Hot Toddy Shower Gel... Every one a pun-filled, fun-filled winner, frankly.

Will we be able to get into the bathroom between Christmas and New Year? Probably not.

But boy, will they be squeaky-clean - and lusciously Lush-scented.

UK readers find Lush 12 Days of Christmas at£49.95 - buy here