Love the skin you’re in: win This Works My Wrinkles range

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This Works is offering three complete sets of newly launched My Wrinkles skincare, plus a Deep Sleep Pillow Spray, each set worth £206.50

Oh, there’s big excitement at Beauty Bible HQ. We've loved This Works skincare since this plant-based, scientifically proven skincare brand launched in 2004. Since then, it has gone from strength to strength offering wonderfully effective products, which tick every box you need – and are heaven to use.

We all need targeted skincare to help us keep our skin in the best blooming nick possible. Whether you’re a new mum struggling with sleepless nights, a busy traveller prone to jetlag, generally short on sleep or, like us, women d’un certain âge , a good skincare routine – with a capsule collection of the right products – can keep our complexions smooth, soft and glowing.

We loved This Works No Wrinkles capsule range and now – tadah! – we’re completely sold on the updated, reformulated product range that’s been renamed as My Wrinkles.

Why the new name? In a nutshell, This Works’s attitude (and remember it was founded by our dear friend and colleague Kathy Phillips, the CEO is Dr. Anna Persaud and the team is mainly women with maturity) is that we should be pretty proud of the stories and experiences that have gone into every line on our faces. As they say, ‘We’re embracing our lines and wrinkles’. But - of course - we don’t want our appearance to be overwhelmed by a spider’s web of wrinkles. And with the skincare technology available today, we don't need to be.

There are four products, two for day, two for night, which work with your circadian rhythm. My Wrinkles daytime supports your skin through stressors of all kinds with plant-based bakuchiol, a natural alternative to retinol that doesn't increase skin’s sensitivity to sunlight, plus slow-release vitamin C and hyaluronic acid. My Wrinkles evening helps your skin restore and repair overnight with an advanced retinoid complex plus the romantic-sounding Persian Silk Tree Extract, which helps to detoxify skin and reduce the look of fatigue.

Each of the three Beauty Bible winners will receive the following complete sets of fragrant, luxurious-to-apply My Wrinkles products plus Deep Sleep Pillow Spray (always by our bedsides):

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• my wrinkles extreme moisture, for day (normally £50 for 48ml) – for immediately smoother, softer, more hydrated skin and a great base for make-up

• my wrinkles eye repair, for day (£40 for 20ml) – shields the delicate skin round your eyes against environmental aggressors

• my wrinkles midnight moisture, for evening (£52 for 48ml) – help your skin repair overnight so it looks firmer and smoother

• my wrinkles tired eyes, for evening (£45 for 20ml) – to maximise skin repair around your eyes overnight

• deep sleep pillow spray (£19.50 for 75ml) – drift off to slumberland more quickly and stay asleep longer with this fragrant potion.

As with all This Works products, these have been extensively trialled with panels of women over 28 days (the time it takes skin to renew). We’re happily using them – one thing that’s particularly striking is how light and easily absorbed the products are, despite the abundance of skin-nourishing riches they contain.

You can join in the This Works My Wrinkles story using the Instagram hashtag #mywrinklesaremystory – and if you just can’t wait to try the products, start tapping out for more information and to order online.

Prize draw closes at 7 a.m. on Wednesday 6th November 2019

NB Winners are chosen via a random number generator and there is no cash alternative to this prize. The prize draw is only open to residents of the UK and Ireland as prizes cannot be shipped abroad.