Louise Young Make-up Brushes

Good brushes are real investments – but sometimes we’ve been known to do a daft thing and leave ours at home.  Which means – if a polished make-up finish is required – splashing out on new kit.  (Nothing, but nothing, makes make-up go on seamlessly and stay on better than brush application.) But we were thrilled to add a couple of brushes from make-up pro Louise Young (who Jo first wrote about aeons ago in YOU Magazine).  There Louise was, as we randomly made a detour through Fenwicks (something we like to do often, NB), purveying her wondrous wares:   incredibly high-quality make-up tools in a variety of shapes and styles.  Jo bought a stubby little under-eye shadow applicator, and a soft tapered brush that's great for blending shadow.  (Beats fingers, every time.)

Louise tells us that she's working on a capsule make-up range (there are already a couple of Essential Eye Palettes which you can see here) - but meanwhile the brushes would be a valuable, last-a-lifetime addition to anyone's make-up kit.

As if that wasn't enough, we also like that the brushes - handmade in the UK - use wood handles from managed forests.

And if you're visiting her site?  Do check out Louise's video tutorials:  excellent advice, from a true pro.

UK readers find Louise Young Make-up Brushes at www.louiseyoung.co.uk/from £9 - 36 (and do check out the great sets) - buy here  (and as mentioned you can also find them in Fenwicks of Bond Street)