L'Occitane Regenerating Divine Trilogy

L'Occitane do Christmas beautifully.  (Not least because if you were really pushed, you could whack a gift tag on the outside of their boxes to save both time and the agony of cutting bits of Sellotape that seem to stick to everything except what they're meant to.) We're particularly chuffed to see this set, because it features a trio of immortelle-based products, including the Divine Cream which has scored so incredibly well with our picky testers for The Anti-Ageing Beauty Bible.  Jo's a big fan of the wonderful aromatic fragrance, and the plumptious textures - not to mention the results.  She even travelled to Corsica earlier this year to meet some of the immortelle farmers, and watch the transformation of the bright yellow flowers into the age-defying essential oil present in such high quantities in the products.

This contains a full-size Immortelle Divine Serum, Immortelle Divine Cream and Immortelle Divine Eyes.  Not cheap at all, oooooh, no, no, no, no, no - but Immortelle's legion of devotees will definitely want to let Santa know about this one.

And the sexy gold box is almost too sexy to wrap, actually.  Even if you've got an entire department of elves working round the clock.

UK readers find L'Occitane Regenerating Divine Trilogy at www.uk.loccitane.com/£182 - buy here