L'Occitane Fleur D'Or & Acacia Luminous Oil

Thirsty skins, you're going to love this:  a sinks-in-fast, moisturising 'dry' oil featuring L'Occitane's newest fine fragrance combination:  a soft, powdery floral combination of two members of the mimosa family.  Spray it onto bare limbs to scent and smooth, before a party.  Or spritz a little into the palms of your hands, and skim over a 'hairdo' (it's whisper-light and won't grease you up, simply adding a touch of gleam).  Quite a few Fleur D'Or & Acacia body treats have just been unveiled:  we're also carrying a teeny tube of the Hand Cream (a new scented spin on a L'Occitane classic).  But this is limited edition - so best get a move on.  (As fast as your party heels will permit, anyway.) UK readers find L'Occitane Fleur D'Or & Acacia Luminous Oil at www.uk.loccitane.com/£22 for 75 ml - buy here