L’Occitane en Provence Jenipapo Face Protection Veil SPF30

So it turns out that L’Occitane has an entire range specifically for Brazil – one of the fast-growing communities of beauty-hounds on the planet. And with the South American country about to take its place on the global stage (via the World Cup), they’ve allowed the rest of us access to some of the bestselling Brazilian face, body and perfumed treats.

The jenipapo tree grows tall and fast in the rainforest in order to find the sun – and it’s the inspiration for quite a different range of suncare. We’re loving two of the products in particular: Jenipapo Body Jelly Milk SPF20 – which has a truly innovative jelly-like texture, making it cooling and pleasurable to apply.

But the product which puts the ball right in the back of the net, for us, is Jenipapo Face Protection Veil SPF30: a really good level of sun protection, dinkily packaged in a lightweight tube which can be slipped into a handbag and topped up whenever you find yourself outside. It sinks into skin fast – and the formula’s as lightweight as the packaging.

Both winners, so far as we’re concerned.

UK readers find L’Occitane en Provence Jenipapo Face Protection Veil SPF30 at www.uk.loccitane.com/£26 for 25 ml – buy here; also find L’Occitane en Provence Body Jelly Milk SPF20/£20 for 150 ml – buy here