L'Occitane Body & Strength haircare

As well as being a wonderful wake-you-up scent, rosemary is renowned for helping with thinning hair. As we know that lack of body, volume - and hair loss - are beauty woes for many of our followers, we'll point you in the direction of a new Aromachologie collection from L'Occitane which sets out to tackle the problem in the most deliciously aromatic way. L'Occitane hair products have done incredibly well with our testers in the past and we look forward to putting this new Body & Strength range through its paces - and in this case, in addition to the wide-awakening, silicone-free Shampoo and 1-Minute Intensive Care Conditioner, there's a 1-Minute Intensive Care Scalp Essence with a targeted nozzle that makes it easy to get to the scalp and blast it with a dose of the tonic - which features rosemary, ylang ylang, juniper, cedar and strengthening amino acids, formulated to make hair more resistant and less prone to falling out due to breakage.

It's also a fabulous morning reviver. Hair treatment and hangover cure in one? Could be a first.

UK readers find L'Occitane Body & Strength haircare at www.ukloccitane.com/£17 for 300 ml for the Shampoo, £8.50 for 75 ml 1-Minute Intensive Care Conditioner and £22 for 125 ml Body & Strength Scalp Essence