L'Occitane 28 Day Divine Renewal Programme

Having just finished this programme, we couldn't wait to share it with you - not least because tomorrow (18th March 2015), there's an opportunity for five of you to win this pretty amazing skin-blitzer. Jo - a longstanding fan of the L'Occitane Divine range, with its wondrous Corsican immortelle oil - has just completed this 28 day regime, which comes in a gorgeous golden box. 'Everyone, but everyone, keeps telling me how well I look - when in fact, I've been ricocheting around like a human pinball, and not getting nearly enough sleep. It can only be down to this, frankly,' she says. (With hand on heart, as ever. Because when we like something, it's not - unlike an increasing number of blogs and websites - because we're being paid to say it; it's because we really, really like it.)

'I really enjoyed the "four-week" element of this,' she reports. 'Inside the box, there are special, generous, dosed quantities of a facial serum-oil to use each night. The first week's about exfoliating: nothing you can really see, in terms of skin cells coming off, but by day three or four I did notice skin looked clear and bright.'

Continues Jo, 'The second week features cistus oil (from rock rose), and is ultra-nourishing and hydrating. The third week? There's myrtle and rosemary oil with the immortelle, and I especially loved the aromatic oils that week, which are designed to "rebalance" skin. Week Four is all about "renewal", with carrot and cypress oils, plus the wondrous immortelle - and it most definitely had a plumping effect.'

'I really enjoyed the specially measured "doses" - and as I was travelling like a crazy thing, it was great to just throw a few of the capsules in my sponge bag. But what I would say is that I found it easier to get the oil out if I didn't just snap the capsule, but actually cut it a little further down with a little pair of scissors - the opening at the top of each capsule is very narrow, and it's hard to get all this precious oil out. (Note to L'Occitane!) But I loved, loved, loved using this. There's enough in the capsule to cover face and all the neck and décolletage - and I can never get enough of that wonderful immortelle smell, personally.'

'And next time I'm completely knackered - either feel it, or look it - or I have a special event like a wedding coming up, I'm going to revisit this all over again. (Actually, I'd like to start again straight away - I'm rather pining for it...!)'

As we said, there'll be a five-week opportunity for five readers to win the L'Occitane 28 Day Divine Renewal Programme on the site - so do look at our Prize Draws section.

UK readers will be able to find L'Occitane 28 Day Divine Renewal Programme at John Lewis and L'Occitane stores/£85 for the four-week programme