L'Occitane Shea Butter Honey Whipped Body Cream

Forgive us for being somewhat body-obsessed right now. That's because under the vests, the Wolford opaques, the socks and the various cashmere layers, our bodies (and probably yours) have a serious tendency to dryness.  It's very, very common as winter drags on - not least because tight clothes themselves 'wick' moisture from the skin.

L'Occitane's shea-butter-enriched body balms and butters are familiar to many of you - but if you're a 'honey monster' (and almost as many of our readers seem to love the smell of honey as they do roses), you'll be attracted to this like - well, a bee to a honeypot.  It is really dripping with sweetness, scent-wise.

There's a whole, limited-edition Shea Honey range, actually - including a Shea Honey Foaming Gel, and one of L'Occitane's nifty handbag tubes of Shea Honey Hand Cream - but our thirsty bodies have been enjoying this best.  It really lives up to the 'whipped' name:  almost soufflé- or mousse-like, and much easier to apply than some shea butter skin treats, which can solidify.

This stays light and easy-to-apply - even in a freezing bathroom.  So:  no need to stand round shivering while you try to melt your body butter with your hairdryer, on a winter morning.  (We've been there.)

It is, however, limited edition.

So be quick, honey...

UK readers find L'Occitane Shea Butter & Honey Whipped Body Cream at www.uk.loccitane.com/£16 for 125 ml - buy here US readers find it at www.loccitane.com/$22 for 2.5 oz - buy here