Liz Earle Botanical Shine Nourishing Oil

Now, we know lots of women who’ll run a mile from the thought of this. Hair.  Oil.  Just not a great mix, right?  (Unless you’re talking deep treatment, which can be thoroughly shampooed out.)

But that’s just where you’d be wrong.  The oils in this latest, blissfully-scented (no surprise there) creation from Liz Earle are what’s known as ‘dry oils’, and provided you don’t overdo it, you get sensational shine, not grease or oiliness.

Those oils in full:  Kenyan yangu oil, from a community group in the Rift Valley and Mount Kenya areas, which hand-collects the seed. (And 80% of them are women.)  Radish seed oil:  first time we’ve heard of this, but it absorbs super-fast for a great shine.  And last but not least, coconut oil (which we’ve lately come to believe is one of nature’s true beauty wonders).  Again, this is from a ‘fair for life’ project, on the Kenyan coastline.  Yay for that.

The oil can be used in two ways.  First of all, apply to wet hair before styling.  Or – and we like this – smooth a couple of drops into the palms, and smooth over hair to add a finishing, gleaming touch, taming flyaways and controlling static at the same time.  It's great for heat-protecting hair, too, if you like to trash yours with straighteners or curling wands.

A new shining star, we do declare...

UK readers find Liz Earle Botanical Shine  Nourishing Hair Oil at£15 for 15 ml – buy here