Legology Sun-Lite

Clever name, clever product. When Legology Air-Lite Daily Lift launched last year, we raved about it here – and we’re still using it to restore lightness to tired, heavy legs. (Especially in this hideous hot weather. Know we shouldn’t complain, but…) Now there’s a completely brilliant tinted version which has instantly become leg-tint-of-choice at ‘Beauty Bible Towers’: an aerated, easy-to-blend jelly-cream which turns legs from ghostly to (ever-so-slightly shimmeringly) golden in the blink of an eye – just brilliant for bare-leg emergencies. (And we’re still having them – first it was skirts, then shorts, now swimsuits…!)

It’s a no-commitment product, which washes right off next time you use soap and water. Just so easy to smooth into skin, the colour’s incredibly realistic – but just as importantly, we love the fresh sensation of applying, which instantly puts a spring back into even the most knackered-feeling summer legs.

UK readers find Legology Sun-Lite exclusive to Liberty (in store only right now) price £36 for 100 ml