Lee Stafford Miracle Shine Spray

Carson Parkin-Fairley may be our Senior Red Lip Correspondent (see her review of some fab Rimmel pencils here), but due to an abundance of super-thick, wavy red hair, we've also promoted her to Executive Frizz Treatment Editor.  So, as she writes:

'I had long since come to the sad realisation that my hair would never return to the soft, shiny, silky condition that it was when I was a child. But today I feel like I may have a glimmer of hope.  That glimmer comes in the form of Lee Stafford Miracle Shine Spray, which is super-enriched with argan oil.

My hair, at (most) times, is uncontrollable and as soon as it hits any temperature, a frizz can be seen all around. It is also immensely thick and curly, which means most of the time when I use product it will promptly wear off in a matter of minutes, and I’m back to the frizz that I know all too well.

I tried out Lee Stafford Miracle Shine Spray and the first thing I noticed was the amazing smell (I was flicking my hair all day just to get a whiff). It also makes my hair feel much more conditioned and adds a shine that genuinely makes me feel fresh from the salon. As someone who doesn’t do a massive amount of styling, this works perfectly for a once over in the morning and a quick spritz before going out, and at just £9.99, I have a suspicion it’ll have a long residency in my bag.'

Fellow frizz-sufferers, check our this so-simple-to-use spray.  As Carson (last seen sniffing her hair) found, your hair will love you for it.

UK readers find Lee Stafford Miracle Shine Spray/£9.99 for 200 ml at www.boots.com - buy here