Lee Stafford ARGANOIL™ Moisture Injection Dry Conditioner

W-h-a-a-a-t-?, we hear you chorus. What's a 'dry conditioner' when it's at home...?

Something you need to know about, that's what - because this delivers a super-quick-fix for dry, frazzled, fried hair.  No need to wash, slather on a mask, wait for it to sink in, dry and style:  just spritz this on to thirsty hair and instantly it delivers shine and moisture.

Spray from 14 inches or so away (we've found that's the best distance), and the mist simply settles onto hair.  Argan oil features - that so-popular Moroccan multi-tasker, but this doesn't leave it greasy.  Instead, it restores lustre - and also smells wonderful (sort of amber-y).

Especially good used in tandem with dry shampoo, which also works fast but can leave hair a bit - well, dull-looking.

So now you know!

UK readers find Lee Stafford ARGANOIL™ Moisture Injection Dry Conditioner at www.boots.com/£8.99 for 150 ml - buy here