Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation

Maybe this isn't the most timely review of Laura Mercier's beautiful new foundation, as we enter the season of sheer tints and bronzing gels. This is a 'proper' foundation: creamy and offering excellent coverage, concealing imperfections and hyperpigmentation and even helping to 'blur' find lines.

But if you're self-conscious about your skin, and feel more confident with a little extra concealment, that doesn't necessary change just becasue it's got a bit warmer. Happily, this offers a fresh finish which glides on seamlessly and offers impressively long-wear, even on hot and steamy days.

Our only whinge is that it's only available in seven shades, all of them fairly pale. (We're sure our friend Ateh Jewel would have a comment or two about that!) But if you're an English rose with high colour or pigmentation issues, this is a security blanket in foundation form.

UK readers find Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation at£35 for 35 ml