Latest in Beauty Ultimate Summer of Discovery Box

Summer isn't over yet.  Oh, no, not by a long way. And it looks set to last for a wee while longer, with this latest offering from our friends at Latest in Beauty, which happens to include some of our own favourites, in this Ultimate Summer of Discovery Box.  (We like the way you know what you're getting, with this box company...)

•  L'Occitane Repairing Shampoo and Conditioner:  brilliant 75 ml sizes, great for a beach-y weekend away.  (Fab scent, and brilliant at putting back what the sea and salt take out.)

•  Sam Farmer Bodywash (200 ml) - a full size of this very nice, hydrating body wash.

•  Steamcream - a whole tin of this brilliant multi-tasker, which moisturises from top-to-toe.  (Barely need to pack anything else, except sunscreen.)

 Dr. Nick Lowe Purifying Foaming Cleanser (50 ml) and Dr. Nick Lowe Spot Gel (5 ml) - if you're not prone to breakouts, we bet you know someone who is, who'll be thrilled if you pass this on:  Nick's one of the UK's renowned cosmeto-dermatologists, and his skincare performs incredibly well for the affordable prices.  Despite the name, rest assured the cleanser's a suits-all-skintypes option, great for brightening skin.

• Good to Go Anywhere 4 Handy Sachets - slip into your handbag/beach bag, to sanitise surfaces, clean hands, or mop up stickiness.

•  Mary Greenwell Lemon (1.5 ml vial) - one of our favourite recent launches:  a divine burst of citrus zing.  (Read a full review on Jo's perfume blog, The Scent Critic, by clicking here.)

UK readers find Latest in Beauty Ultimate Summer of Discovery Box at£14.95 (including post and packing) - buy here