Latest in Beauty Summer Lovin' Discovery Box

As regular readers know, we love LIB (short for Latest in Beauty) – not least because they made our dream come true and put together an Anti-Ageing Beauty Bible Box, so that our readers can try-before-they-buy.  (Find the AABB box here.) We approve of the way LIB lets you choose whether or not you want a box – rather than the ‘subscription’ beauty box model which can translate to a fairly random selection of products.

And we’re dead keen on their latest offering, which brings together seasonal must-haves – many of them in very useful trial sizes which are going straight into our holiday spongebags, thank you very much.  In the Summer Lovin’ Discovery Box, you will find:

St.Tropez Instant Glow Body Lotion – for a gorgeous sun-kissed glow that won’t wash off till you want it to.

Richard Ward Volumiser Root Booster - brilliant for putting the oomph back into flat holiday hair.

Bellapiere Mineral Brush - a full-size of this, which delivers a gorgeous soft, prettily-flushed glow.

Velvotan Self Tan Mitt – until you’ve tried one of these, you really won’t believe how much more seamless the results are with your favourite fake tanner.

Bellapiere Mineral Eye Shadow - another full-size product, and versatile too:  use a wetted brush and it converts to an eyeliner.

Steamcream - this fantastic multi-tasking moisturiser is a real space-saver, since it can be used to quench face and body.

Batiste Dry Shampoo - what can we say?  The original dry shampoo, and still the fastest way we know to get hair clean when there’s no time (or we can’t be a***d) to wash it.

The Vintage Cosmetics Company Strip Lashes and Lash Curler – full sizes of these, too, to set your heart (and lashes) all a-flutter.

Cosmopolitan Blush Brush – a soft, angled brush that’s ideal for blusher or bronzer.

And at under fifteen quid (plus the p&p) it definitely won’t eat into your holiday savings, either.

UK readers find the Latest in Beauty Summer Lovin’ Discovery Box at£14.95 – buy here