Lanolips Banana Balm 3-in-1

Dry-lip season is almost with us.  (Sob.)  And while our all-time favourite balm is our own Beauty Bible Lip Balm (click here to find it), we're not averse to a little fling on the side - especially with something as luscious as this. It's our friend Kirsten Carriol's latest addition to her award-winning Lanolips line-up, which has been slicking lanolin goodness onto various parts of our faces and bodies for a few years now.  And this is definitely our favourite creation yet:  a delicious (in every way) softening lip balm, which combines Lanolips's signature lanolin with an ingredient from - yes - banana.

Turns out banana extract is rich in potassium, natural oils and minerals, vitamins A, B, C and E - and while it's not flavoured in a Juicy Fruit-ish way, there's a delicate whisper-of-banana to this.

There are two aspects of this we particularly enjoy:  the fab, angled dispenser (for ease of application) - and a becoming shimmer, which means this looks great layered over your fave lipstick, as well as over bare lips.

In fact, we'd say we've gone slightly bananas for it.

UK readers find Lanolips Banana Balm 3-in-1 exclusively at£8.99 for 12.5 ml - buy here

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