Lancôme UV Expert GN-Shield™ SPF50 PA+++

Quite a mouthful of a name - but don't let that put you off. Most sunscreens with stratospheric SPFs (we're talking SPF50, here) leave skin looking chalky.  Not this.  It's a chemical-based sunscreen which melds with the skin, creates a comfortable base for make-up - and is great for skins affected by pigmentation, in particular.  (Or if you're Jessica Chastain - and like to maintain a lily-white pallor at all times.)

With tackling age spots/sun spots/dark spots being such a challenge, prevention is key.  The patented broad-spectrum Mexoryl® SX and XL filtering system in this (which has long been a signature suncare ingredient across all L'Oréal brands) doesn't degrade in sunshine, unlike many, so this claims to deliver up to 12 hours of protection against both burning (UVB) and ageing (UVA) rays, even in extreme conditions.

But what we like is the featherlight texture - offering serious skin comfort, with serious protection.

UK readers find Lancôme UV Expert GN-Shield™ SPF50 PA+++ at£32 for 30 ml - buy here US readers find it at$65 - buy here