Lancôme Le Regard Pro

We love an eyebrow kit - and we especially love this. Sculpted brows are even more of a must-have this autumn than most seasons (sooooooooo good with a tailored suit and/or a touch of tweed).

In this palette, then, you'll find three shades of powder which can be customised to create the perfect shade - plus a special 'skin-adapting' highlighter (it magically morphs on the skin), to dab on beneath the brow, for an instant 'Audrey' lift.

The brush makes for easy application - and if a stray brow hair dares to rain on your perfectly-arched parade, you can whip out the tweezers.

There's a 'hidden' bonus:  we like to use the neutral toned powders for super-fast eye-shading - meaning this is really all you need to keep your eyes 'fresh', day-long.  (The long thin shape nestles nicely in a handbag, NB.)

But it's limited-edition - so it could be gone on the blink of an eye.  Don't say we didn't warn you.

UK readers find Lancôme Le Regard Pro at£33 - buy here