Lancôme Grandiôse Mascara

Our eyes have been known to glaze over when the word 'game-changer' is bandied about in beauty circles.


 Do not glaze over. Do not yawn. Simply get yourself to the nearest Lancôme counter, and try it for yourself.

What makes Grandiôse so different is the swan-necked wand. If you're anything like us, you have to swap hands to apply your mascara successfully (or end up swiping a smudge from the bridge of your nose). And somehow the two eyes never look quite 'even'.

So the genius of this is the patent-pending cutting-edge swan-necked wand, which goes round the bridge of the nose - so you can apply the lash-lengthening formulation to both eyes, perfectly and evenly. Don't ask us how, but it avoids the cheekbones, nose and eyebrow arch almost magically.

(We like the wand for another, purely aesthetic reason: it's see-thru at one end, becoming gradually smoky towards the brush - with the silhouette of the Lancôme rose.)

The ultra-black pigments also make for a terrifically dense shade of black - and lashes feel supple, without flaking or speck-ing (if that's a word) or feeling dry, by the end of the day. (The formula contains a rose cell extract for softer and more 'resistant' lashes.)

 DID YOU HEAR US?  This is the mascara equivalent of a moon landing, the combustion engine or the iPhone.

 And no, we're not being grandiose when we say that.

 UK readers find Lancôme Grandiôse at£24.50 - buy here