La Montaña Scented Candles

There is almost nothing we love more than scented candles when it comes to home fragrance (though bath oils are very high on the list too). So it’s a joy to find a truly delectable new range launched by former beauty PR Cassandra Hall. When Cass and her husband Jonathan, a screenwriter, moved to their mountainside home in Valencia, Spain, in 2011 – ‘from the race race to the goat track…’ – they started getting up at dawn to walk the dogs. ‘We noticed that, at first light, there is a mesmerising fragrance in the air.’

A perfumer deconstructed the scents of that first light – wild fennel and orange, mountain pepper, rock rose and rosemary. And they set about the business of creating a fine, clean-burning candle, which would last for over 40 hours. The candle is called, as you might guess, First Light. To which they have added Sarah’s favourite Galan de Noche, a hypnotic Spanish jasmine with rose, orange blossom and ylang ylang, and Winter Oranges, a soft spicey warming blend of Valencia orange, cinnamon, red apple and clove.

We’re telling you now because you might just want to give them as special Christmas presents. They are charmingly gift-boxed, cellophane-wrapped and the price of £35 per candle includes postage and packing. Pretty perfect, we think.

UK readers find La Montana scented candles: First Light, Galan de Noche and Winter Oranges at£35 each inc P&P - buy here