Kure Bazaar nail polishes

There's been a real (and welcome) shift in the nail polish world in recent history to eliminate three 'nasties' from manicure products:  toluene, formaldehyde and phthalates.

But this new range ups the game:  it's not '3-free' (which you see trumpeted on a lot of manicure ranges now), but '4-free' (no camphor in there, either).  In fact (and no, we don't know how they do it), the formulas are 85% natural, featuring ingredients from wheat, cotton, potatoes, wood pulp and corn.

All of which had us thinking that the performance would be right up there with, well, smooshing brown rice into our nails - so we've been blown away by the results:  Kure Bazaar's polish stood up to a really tough week of travelling, lugging boxes round the office and general wear and tear, needing little more than the occasional touch-up, and staying gorgeously gossy.

Chosen shade was a truly showstopping, classic bright red, Rouge Flore (on the left, above) - and let's face it, any chipping shows up PDQ on bright nails).

The real bonus, meanwhile, is that there's virtually no smell AT ALL.  Definitely less than any other nail range we've ever tried, which is great if (like Jo) you live with a chemical-averse partner.

UK readers find Kure Bazaar Nail Polishes at www.selfridges.com/£14.95 - buy here US readers find them at www.beautyhabit.com/$16 - buy here