Kjaer Weis make-up

OK, first let's get the pronunciation right.  Say it:  'Keer' (like beer ) and 'Wice' (like mice). This range is the signature line from artist Kirsten Kjaer Weis.  But this has more than a pleasingly sculptural look:  the substantial metal palettes are actually refillable.  And we like that a lot.  Too much beauty packaging ends up in landfill, we believe, and so we applaud Kirsten's thinking:  'I wanted something unique, modern, forward-thinking but also socially responsible.'

The first palette you buy - Cream Blush, Lip Tint, Eye Shadow - come with your chosen colour, but future refills are just packaged neatly in cardboard, ready to slip in.

This 'season' the colours - above - are very wearable:  Sun Touched Cream Blush, Romance Lip Tint (it's more of a gentle pop of colour than you'd guess from the photo), and brownish-gold Magnetic Eye Shadow.  But there's quite a shade range.  It's carried here by www.naturisimo.com, who also offer those three products as a kit.  Splurge prices, for sure, but the refills themselves are pretty accessibly-priced:  £14 for the shadow, £16 for the lip tint, £19 for the cream blush.

And you don't have to suffer guilt pangs, lobbing a hefty plastic palette (and often a mirror), in the bin, when the colour's done.  Just refill, and you're good to go...

UK readers find Kjaer Weis at www.naturisimo.com/£13-85 - buy here

US readers find it at www.kjaerwies.combuy here